Welcome to Aquamarine Tech Services LLC

Welcome to Aquamarine Tech Services LLC

Welcome to Aquamarine Tech Services LLC Welcome to Aquamarine Tech Services LLC Welcome to Aquamarine Tech Services LLC

About Us

For your marine service needs - Go Aquamarine

Aquamarine Tech Services LLC (ATS) is a US based Marine Service Provider with a unique expertise in Operation and Service of various marine equipment such Ballast Water Treatment/Management Systems (BWTS/BWMS), Sulfur Oxide Emission Control Systems (SOx Scrubbers) and Marine Growth Prevention Systems (MGPS).  Our staff is highly qualified with many years of combined experience in Engineering, Control Systems, Power Systems, and Mechanical Systems implemented in Marine, Off-Shore, and other related Heavy Industries.  As a regional business partner, ATS will provide Equipment Manufacturers (Makers) and their Customers (Ship Owners and Managers) with a piece of mind that their systems are always supported within US and Canadian ports.  Whether routine maintenance or emergency response, ATS will provide the service needed to support the reliable operation of the onboard equipment.  ATS seeks to be a true business partner with our clients – investing in close cooperation and mutual success. 

BWMS and SOx Scrubbers are critical for vessel operations in order to comply with the IMO and USCG Regulations.  The number of vessels with retrofitted or natively installed BWMS and Scrubbers has risen quickly in the last few years as Shipowners and Operators have invested in the capital equipment and consumables to comply with new regulations.  However, the cost impact of this new equipment on ship operations and enforcement of regulations has not yet been realized.   This equipment and its application are new and not fully integrated into routine operations.  Ship Operators often have inadequate or deficient management plans,  Officers and Crews have little training and experience on operating and maintaining the equipment, often fleet-wide, Systems use a range of disparate technologies and, although Type Approved, do not have yet any significant runtime and proven record of their reliability under the challenging shipboard conditions. 

It is therefore would be quite reasonable to expect that a lack of operational experience, combined with unproven system reliability, will put operations and equipment at high risk of inefficiencies and downtime.  Regulating bodies within the Maritime Industry demand that if a BWMS or a Scrubber is down, it must be put back in service in an expedited manner.  The costs to operate within compliance or fines if operating out of compliance, if the system in question fails, can be substantial. 

While it is expected that in time, the Equipment Manufacturers will improve system integration and reliability, owners and operators are going to need - and expect - high-level support of the systems.  Operators will need a reliable resource, that can be counted on, to address maintenance of systems, troubleshoot and resolve technical issues, and respond quickly to resolve equipment downtime; whether remotely or aboard the vessel.  The ability of the Equipment Manufacturer/Maker to provide a quality resource, on short notice, with expertise in the equipment and of the industry, will be critical to establish the reputation of the Maker’s brand in a very competitive market.   

Aquamarine Tech Services is that resource.  We want to be your resource for technical support and maintenance services in North America.  We want to be your reliable Service Business Provider. 

We offer the following services:

  • Remote (telephone/email) technical support in North America ports and beyond 
  • Emergency call response to vessels in North America ports or for NA based shipowners/managers
  • Planned Annual Preventive Maintenance to vessels in North America ports or for NA based shipowners/managers/operators:      
  • Spares management
  • Reporting
  • Remote Monitoring

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